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Queen's Almain

Queen's Almain written steps

Join Lynne from Grantham Danserye as she dances The Queen's Almain. The Almain is a popular 16th century court dance which originated in Germany. It was a popular dance in England at the time of Elizabeth I and James I. Known as 'a measure' it could either be danced in a column or around the hall in pairs.

Our source for this dance is a manuscript from the Inns of Court now in the Bodleian Library in Oxford.

Music by Jeremy Barlow and The Broadside Band by permission of The Historical Dance Society.



Almain Steps Dancing the Steps  Dance to the Music


The Gresley dances (2012) are accompanied by Gaita on the CD - Eschewynge of Ydlenesse: Music for dancing by Misercordia and Gaita (2003). Chris Elmes of Gaita generously allows us to use this music in our performance and has given permission for us to include it in the video clip on this website.

The dances recorded in May 2012 were accompanied live by Lincoln Renaissance Band.